Card Solution Suite

The Visiona Card Solution Suite (VCSS) is a complete solution for electronic payments including card, mobile and biometric payments. VCSS offers competitive and proven systems for Issuing, Acquiring, Authorisation & Switching, Clearing & Settlement, Card Management, Fraud Prevention, ATM Management and much more.

The VCSS platform is a secure and reliable tool supporting such processes as:

  • Authorisation
  • Switching and transaction settlement
  • Issuing (EMV, contactless)
  • Managing accounts kept for various payment instruments
  • Transactions completed using self-service devices (ATM, POS terminal, cash deposit machine, recycler) and their settlements
  • Chargeback processing
  • Fraud detection
  • Loyalty programmes
  • Comprehensive management of relationships with merchants

The VCSS platform offers comprehensive solutions for Issuing and Acquiring operations – and supports all types of cards and other modern payment instruments, such as mobile, biometric and NFC payments.

The VCSS platform is characterised by flexibility and scalability as a result of the open architecture and advanced technologies implemented in this software. These features facilitate easy adaptation of the platform to the rapidly changing business environment. Ready interfaces and API on the VCSS platform guarantee the effective implementation of various business strategies.

The solutions offered have been approved by both leaders in the banking sector and new institutions on the market that build their businesses from scratch.

VCSS Applications:

Card Management

A system used to manage all types of cards; its rich functionality and extensive parametrisation options enable the user to offer products ensuring a competitive advantage.

Fraud Detection System

An application enabling its user to identify suspicious transactions in the online or near online modes, and assisting the issuer's employees responsible for anti-fraud protection in monitoring suspicious cards and in making the correct decisions.

CSS Host Interface

A system designed to support authorisation, EFT traffic management and settlements between bankcard associations, issuers of payment instruments, acquirers and other market players.

Devices Balancing Module

An application supporting the process of daily and periodic settlements of ATMs and POS terminals, also used to explain differences.

Claims Management

This application supports the complaint handling process for card transactions in the issuer's or the acquirer's system. Its additional feature enables the user to record and handle non-transactional complaints concerning fees, commissions or interest amounts and to handle internal complaints at a bank (surpluses and deficits).

Card Production Workflow

An application used to manage the process of payment card production.

ATM Monitoring System

The system offers technical monitoring of ATM networks and support in remedying malfunctions without the need to install additional software on ATMs.

Merchant Risk Management

This application is dedicated to comprehensive management of risks associated with acquiring activities and to minimising operating losses caused by incidents of fraud.

Merchant Management System

A solution offering comprehensive support to merchants, starting with the merchant acquisition process managed by sales agents, ending with settlements carried out in accordance with individual contracts.

Visiona Reconciliation Module

This application is designed to support the reconciliation process for transactions made using cards, verification of transactions posted in customers' accounts and settlement accounts of the bank, and reconciliation of general ledger accounts with settlements of card transactions.

Visiona Loyalty

An application supporting all types of loyalty programmes offered to the users of payment cards.

Visiona Cash Management

An application supporting the management of cash amount in an ATM network, offering prediction and optimisation functions.

Web Merchant Platform

Enables the user to record new customers and existing customers who have signed new contracts for card acceptance services.

Card Information Center

This is a repository of complete data on payment cards issued by bankcard associations, card holders, transactions, fees, commissions, ongoing complaint processes – all details of importance for the operators in a call centre; the application also supports certain operations such as card cancellation.

Collected Cards

This application is used to handle cards lost by their holders and captured in cash machines, from their recording to destruction or return to the issuer.

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