Cash Managament Suite

The Visiona Cash Management Suite (VCMS) is a complete, integrated set of applications designed to streamline and facilitate processes related to cash processing in banking. Within the last few years cash processing (cash handling) has undergone fundamental change. One of the trends is process centralisation and optimisation, while another is outsourcing. VCMS was designed in response to these market needs. It is a universal system addressed to both institutions providing cash processing services and the banking sector. It works perfectly for those banks that keep all their cash processes within their structures (vault inclusive), and for those that commission external companies to provide cash transport, counting, and storing services.

Regardless of the adopted business model, the VCMS functionality covers most of the needs related to modern cash management. The implementation of this solution offers full control over the individual stages of cash processes, reduction of operating costs, and optimum cash exploitation. It is also a perfect software tool delivering a competitive advantage to those banks which offer cash processing services to their business customers, retailers in particular.

The VCMS consists of:

  • Visiona Cash Processing & Transport Workflow to automate and monitor the flow of instructions for cash supplies and discharges
  • Visiona Cash Monitoring System to manage cash optimally within the network of devices and branches
  • Visiona Cash House to manage cash centres
  • Visiona Settlement – a tool that automates the process of collecting charges related to cash services and conducting settlements between entities
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