Payment Gateway

Solutions designed to support authorisation processes and traffic management in EFT transactions as well as settlements between market players: bankcard associations (e.g. VISA, MasterCard), banks and other issuers of payment instruments, acquirers and merchants, regional and national payment systems, private label and loyalty networks.

EFT transaction authorisation and traffic management:

  • on automated teller machines and at points of sale
  • in e-commerce / m-commerce, using biometric data, CNP, MO/TO
  • on cash deposit machines
  • in P2P transfers, bill payments


Managing advanced payment instruments and access channels:

  • Debit, credit, charge, multifunctional, prepaid, instant issue cards
  • Vouchers and e-wallets
  • e-commerce / m-commerce applications
  • Additional cards such as priority pass, or IAPA cards
  • EMV, contactless EMV and NFC payments


Secure connections and interfaces to:

  • VISA, MasterCard
  • Banks and other issuers of payment instruments
  • Acquirers
  • Regional and national payment systems, private label and loyalty networks


Supporting interfaces based on such protocols as ISO8583v.87, ISO8583v.93, VisaNet (BaseI, SMS), MasterCard (BankNet)

Translation of messages between various source formats

Management of transaction routing to indicated interfaces

Cryptographic service and online monitoring of transaction traffic:

  • Encryption key management
  • Integration with HSM cryptographic devices
  • Verification of transaction integrity
  • Interface monitoring. Information about:
    • connection status (disconnected, connected, signed-on)
    • connection reset
  • messages sent (such as sign-on, sign-off, echo)
  • connection inactivity time
  • current speed (TPS) of incoming and outgoing messages, current average time of message handling


Transaction approval by stand-in processing (STIP)

Clearing & settlement with payment systems and direct members

Automated calculation and settlement of fees and commissions

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