Card Management
Card Production

Comprehensive payment instrument issuance and management service intended for banks and other institutions. Supporting a wide range of card-type products. Managing product process flows and product accounts. Transaction authorisation and traffic management. Transaction approval by stand-in processing. Loyalty programmes. Cryptographic service. Supporting personalisation and production processes of cards and other payment instruments.

Managing the full life cycle of payment instruments, including a wide range of card-type products; supporting:

  • Debit, credit, charge, multifunctional, prepaid, instant issue cards
  • Gift and private label cards
  • Vouchers and e-wallets
  • Additional cards such as priority pass, or IAPA cards


Full support for such technologies as:

  • EMV, magnetic stripe
  • Contactless smart cards (e.g. PayPass, PayWave)
  • NFC


Flexible definitions and management of product process flows:

  • Defining multiple products using a single BIN
  • Implementing sophisticated sales strategies through:
  • product parameterization based on the “issuer-BIN-product-target-customer” hierarchy
  • defining individual financial parameters for specific products, such as interest rate, fees or commissions
  • applying various methods for fee calculation, with control operations triggered e.g. by events or individually agreed conditions
  • loyalty programmes
  • Instalment payments and transfers from a product / payment card account
  • Supporting multi-currency transactions
  • The option to define an individual card layout


Supporting domestic, cross-border, DCC, multi-currency transactions:

  • Authorisation by stand-in processing (if the central system is unavailable)
  • Supporting a variety of transaction types:
  • sale and sale with cash withdrawal at a POS
  • cash withdrawal
  • sale of GSM top-up vouchers (topping up at points of sale and on ATMs)
  • balance checking
  • PIN changes and unlocking
  • payment refund, cancellation and correction at a POS
  • Emergency cancellation of cards


Flexible management of organisational structures (a multi-institution environment)

Flexible management of users within an organisational structure

Supporting multi-language transactions

Supporting multi-currency transactions

Comprehensive management of the personalization process of cards and other payment instruments; full support of the EMV chip standard and cryptographic service:

  • Encryption key management
  • Managing PIN processing and data encryption
  • Integration with HSM cryptographic devices
  • Supporting MAC in transactions between the system and bankcard associations / banks / payment systems
  • Issuer EMV script processing
  • Implementations of recognised EMV and contactless standards (M/Chip 4.x, M/Chip Advance, M/Chip Advance with DS (CVN1.0 CVN11, CVN12 and CVN13), VIS 1.5 (CVN10 and CVN18), VCPS 2.1 (CVN10 and CVN18)
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