Mobile Payment
Biometric Payment

A comprehensive solution supporting advance payment products based on mobile access channels and biometric authentication.
Managing processes relating to the use of payment products, starting with application handling, issuance and authentication support, ending with comprehensive accounting and settlement service.

Management of payment product accounts (in a freely definable currency) both in a prepaid version and in correspondence with a bank account or payment cards

Identification of payment products using tokens

Calculating fees and commissions for payment instruments issued in a freely definable currency (a wide range of predefined fees).

A mechanism designed to easily define new types of fees, with options to make the amount of the collected fee depend on a customer group and to suspend fee collection for “promotional periods”

Management of funds paid into an account through both individual accounts and a single collective account kept for receiving payments

Management of a single payment product using multiple bank accounts (operated by various banks)

Calculating amounts receivable and managing settlements with business partners (sales agents, issuer, telecom operator), complete accounting service for the system; the module may be designed as a fully automated subsidiary ledger system with accounts corresponding to the records in the main accounting system (the general ledger)

An extensive mechanism supporting insurance operations

Loyalty programme components (sales promotion)

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