Clearing and Settlement
Chargeback Processing

Reconciliation and settlement of transactions between market players. Calculating commissions and fees (e.g. interchange fees and processing costs). Managing various interbank agreements and settlement process flows (bilateral agreements, national regulations, closed systems, international bankcard associations). A complete handling process for complaints concerning transactions and integration with settlement processing. Settlement services in ATM and POS terminal networks.

Generating and importing clearing files that contain transaction details and special exchange operations (chargeback processing)

Comprehensive management of files exchanged between various market players; management of clearing files exchanged with bankcard associations (e.g. VISA/MasterCard in the BASEII and IPM formats)

Management of return reports

Settlement of transactions with market players and bankcard associations

Secure communication with international bankcard associations (e.g. VISA/MasterCard)

Automation of cost and fee calculation processes

Reporting on transactions and generating reports:

  • on transactions divided into individual interfaces or BINs
  • settlement reports
  • clearing reports


Managing a complete list of financial, non-financial and complaint messages:

  • First Presentment, Reversal of Presentment, Second Presentment, Partial Second Presentment
  • Reversal of Presentment, Full Reversal of Second Presentment, Partial Reversal of Second Presentment
  • Fee Collection, Reversal of Fee Collection
  • First Chargeback (Full), Arbitration Chargeback (Full)
  • First Chargeback (Partial), Arbitration Chargeback (Partial)
  • Chargeback Reversal, Retrieval Request


Settlement services in terminal networks (ATM and POS):

  • Settlements in a daily cycle or in other defined periods
  • Supporting multiple currencies and time zones
  • Settlement of differences and deficits, including automated support of their root cause identification
  • Comprehensive accounting service of terminals (keeping subsidiary accounts of terminals, generating accounting vouchers, managing multiple accounting systems)
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