ATM and POS Management
Merchant Management

Managing networks of acquirers and self-service terminals, including ATMs and points of sale. Remote monitoring of the ATM network and managing applications installed on ATMs. Interactive marketing and communication with customers. Providing self-service banking and other external services in ATM and at point of sale networks. Comprehensive support of the processes within the relationship with merchants.

Managing transaction traffic on ATMs and at points of sale, including:

  • Cash withdrawal
  • Account balance checking
  • GSM voucher sale (topping up)
  • Sale and sale with cash withdrawal at a POS
  • Payment refund and cancellation at a POS
  • PIN changes and unlocking
  • ATM refilling and deposit pickup
  • POS terminal settlement (daily closing, batch upload)


Monitoring ATM networks; managing ATM applications

Secure communication with VISA, MasterCard

Supporting interfaces based on such protocols as ISO8583v.87, ISO8583v.93, VisaNet (BaseI, SMS), MasterCard (BankNet)

Additional services available on ATMs, such as:

  • PIN changes
  • Printing mini-statements
  • Sale of GSM top-up vouchers (topping up at points of sale and on ATMs)
  • Bill payments
  • Topping up e-wallets and prepaid cards


Comprehensive management of relationships with merchants:

  • Complete information about merchants, contract parameters, locations of terminals, etc.
  • Supporting installing and uninstalling processes, POS relocation
  • Calculating fees and commissions, reporting, issuing bills
  • A module for risk management and monitoring in relationships with merchants
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